2000 – first Solo Record „the eagle has landed“ (demo)

2001 – Double Action „Sokaris“ (Breaker Records/ SPV)

2001 – Filling the Void (demo)

2003 – Second Solo Record „read between the lines“ (demo)

2005 – Double Action „jack is back“ (no release)

2005 – Orphan Hate (3 Track Promo Record)

2007 – First Official Solo Record „extended“ (MSP Music) feat. members of: Primal Fear, Destruction, Knorkator, Annihilator, Skew Sisken, James LaBrie-Band, Disillusion, Aghora….

2008 – Tangent Plane „among grey masks“ (studio job)

2008 – Orphan Hate „blinded by illusions“ (Plainsong Records/ Alive)

2008 – Inzane „asylum ends here“ (guest solo)

2009 – Respawn „the chaos engine“ (few guest solos)

2010 – Second Official Solo Record „on the move“ (MSP Music) feat members of: Blue Man Group, Mick Jagger Band, Elton John Band, Lafee, Sarah Connor, Reinhard Mey,….

2010 – the song „blackened beauty“ from the record „extended“ got featured on the Drum DVD of Randy Black „the black book“

2010 – Poised (5 Track Promo Record)

2011 – Control Seid (guest solo)

2015 – Cultus Ferox „Nette Jungs“ (Rotzbomb Records/ Sony)

2021 – „Tell – Die Rockoper“